What are our Goals?

  • To engage all sectors of Frederick County in the development of a Trauma Responsive Frederick.
  • To advocate for every Frederick County, MD, resident and visitor to have access to critical social services, including behavioral health services.
  • To identify and challenge barriers to care for under-represented groups and advocate for potential solutions.
  • To create community awareness campaigns about:
    • Trauma in general, as well as COVID19-related trauma;
    • The impact of trauma on individuals;
    • Ways to access available resources and services;
    • The impact of stigma; and
    • The impacts of social determinants on well-being.
  • To identify gaps in services, particularly related to the COVID19 crisis, and to advocate for additional resources, including behavioral health services.

*If you have been finding yourself having a particularly difficult time during the COVID-19 pandemic, head over to our “Resources” page to find both National and Community support near you.

The Trauma Responsive Workgroup committees are working hard to make Frederick County a trauma responsive community. Join us!

Steering Committee:

In addition to coordinating the Workgroup’s efforts and strategizing for the future, the Steering Committee has taken on the responsibility of meeting with community leaders to discuss the Workgroup’s efforts. They are also working with the business community to understand their needs and representing Trauma Responsive Frederick at meetings and collaboratives that address COVID-19 and behavioral/mental health concerns.

No Wrong Door (NWD) Committee:

By adopting the approach to social service provision that there is “no wrong door” to accessing services and that networking can create efficiencies and impact, this committee is tasked with identifying gaps in behavioral health services in Frederick County MD and developing ways to address them. In alignment with the goals of TRF, the NWD Committee began investigating ways to address transportation issues in our County, particularly for behavioral health services. The Committee’s first initiative was to work with the Ausherman Family Foundation, who provided seed grant money to be disbursed to non-profit organizations in the County through an application and review process. The grant funds were awarded to support novel solutions to transportation challenges for people with mental or behavioral health needs. The Committee will continue to network with other partners to enhance service provision for those who are at risk for trauma, have experienced trauma and need support in a variety of ways on their road to healing.

Professional Development Committee:

This group focuses on the education and training of professionals in the field of trauma and behavioral health. It will share opportunities for education, support the training of best practices, and advance professional growth through education and training. The goal is to provide the professional community that serves Frederick County with access to the latest, evidenced based practices upon which to draw when serving our citizens, and to encourage the expansion of a professional network that supports one another as they grow and learn.

Community Education, Awareness and Technical Support Committee:

The role of this committee is to be a resource for business owners, managers, governmental departments and employees and the community at large for trauma related resources and training. This committee’s mission is to identify, gather and disseminate informative and practical resources for the benefit of the community. For example, the group is researching the feasibility of providing recorded training sessions that demonstrate “Mental Health First Aide” with the intent to make it available in modules of different lengths to meet the needs of the learner and their schedule. Offering Mental Health First Aide training to a wide portion of our community will help fill gaps in behavioral/mental health services in Frederick County. This is just one mechanism by which this Committee will engage the County and meet educational and training needs. 

It is also this committee’s mission to keep the County informed about Trauma Responsive Frederick’s activities, its mission and its successes, as well as keeping social media up to date, relevant and informative.  This committee, along with the Steering Committee is responsible for crafting the collaborative’s message as well as sharing that message with the community with the goal of normalizing and validating everyone’s experiences and emotions during difficult times.