The pandemic has impacted everyone in our County in one way or another.  We have all experienced it in different ways, some personal and some societal.  It is not difficult to imagine that any one of these events listed below could traumatize an individual, family, race/ethnic group, business, community, country, or world.

  • Loss of safe and secure housing options
  • Loss of job and income
  • Loss of health insurance
  • Dramatic disruptions in everyday life with quarantine
  • Virtual school challenges and worries about  the educational impact of virtual learning
  • Juggling working from home while caring for children
  • Sudden loss of child care 
  • Death  of a loved one and not being able to grieve in the traditional way
  • Anxiety about the world-wide situation and deaths 
  • Fear and anxiety about getting sick
  • Forced isolation
  • Loss of sleep and ability to concentrate
  • Lack of transportation and services due to shutdowns
  • Difficulty with transition to telemedicine or lack of access to technology
  • Lack of food and other necessities 
  • Mental health issues that are triggered, including PTSD
  • Lack of mental health or medical support
  • Difficulty in managing everyday family issues under duress
  • Envisioning a “new normal”
  • Engaging in unhealthy and dangerous behaviors as a coping mechanism 
  • The lack of confidence in our systems and leaders due to mixed and ambiguous messages
  • The lack of uniformity and consistency in dealing with COVID 19 leading to confusion.
  • Feelings of loss of control of our own lives 
  • Loss of physical intimacy with many people in our lives
  • Increase in intimate partner violence, child abuse, criminality, and risky behaviors

There are ways to combat trauma and increase your resilience and well-being.  (link to that page)

Other Resources

If you are not truly  depressed or anxious but you still do not feel right, you may be “languishing”. Feeling Blah During the Pandemic? It’s Called Languishing – The New York Times (

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