Our world as we knew it has been dramatically changed due to COVID-19.

It continues to be a difficult, and at times, traumatic experience for us all.

Collective trauma from COVID-19 has impacted us all mentally, economically, emotionally, and physically. For some, these challenges continue.  Whatever you are feeling during this time is common and normal. Whether it be anger, frustration, grief, sadness, confusion, anxiety, or any other emotion.

You are not alone.

Trauma Responsive Frederick

Support Statements

“I want to congratulate and thank the group of community experts who have formed the Trauma Responsive Frederick Workgroup Initiative. This group of community experts recognizes how life events, especially the COVID-19 pandemic, have resulted in Frederick county residents experiencing many different forms of trauma, including economic, physical, social, and emotional trauma.Members of this group come from a cross-section of businesses, government, community-based organizations, healthcare providers, and caring residents with lived experience.They are dedicated to promoting understanding, advocacy, and healing for all.This initiative is just one more example of how Frederick County is a caring community.I look forward to seeing the positive changes that will result from the Trauma Responsive Workgroup.Their work will improve the quality of life in Frederick County. Our community is blessed with many organizations and individuals who work to make life better for everyone.”—

Jan Gardner / Prior County Executive, Frederick County
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We would like to thank the
Ausherman Family Foundation for supporting
Trauma Responsive Frederick